Get to know the village

Excenevex is a peaceful, flowery village nestled in the hollow of the bay of Coudrée on the south shore of Lake Geneva. Its gently sloping natural beach, Lake Geneva’s only sandy beach, is ideal for family bathing and the practice of all water sports. It is equally a favoured place of rest and relaxation, enjoying an unbeatable view towards the mountainous alpine foothills and across to the Swiss shore.


Village of  a thousand inhabitants, situated at an altitude of 395m, Excenevex welcomes more than 5 000 visitors each summer and offers numerous activities.

It is also a delightful holiday base for venturing out on the discovery of the lake and mountains.

Hôtel de la Plage crédit photo JL Delachaussée

One can discover here some sand-dunes where rare plants native of Mediterranean Europe are hiding.

Nearby, the clock tower harbours a carillon capable of chiming 100 melodies.



Discover the local patrimony by chance on your walks:

old farms at Excenevex and Chevilly

fleurissement 2008 JFT 025

ancient dwellings like that of La Tour [The Tower] (formerly a prison then seat of the law-court).



Appreciate the authenticity of the lake shore with its little fishing harbours (Port du Moulin [Mill port] and fishermen’s harbour), take the lakeside path which leads you from the landing stage up to the beach skirting a clayey-limestone cliff, observe the resident fauna (the public domain of the bay of Excenevex is also a site of international importance for the wintering and migration of the water-birds: League for the Protection of Birds and let your eye roam from the lake to the mountains.

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Lakeside path and fishermen’s harbour in the foreground and, in the background, the Port du Moulin [Mill port].